Catch some of the ‘$2K to $40K in 2 Months’ series here. These free poker videos follow poker pro Acesup through the mid to late stage of 2 tournaments, the Pokerstars $22 Rebuy Action Hour, and the $109 Rebuy.

These videos are typical of the sort of content included in the PokerNerveVIP channel and are presented in a relaxed, yet informative manner, all of which is recorded live. These free poker videos presume the viewer has at least intermediate knowledge of poker and is familiar with poker terms like ‘stack size’ ‘SPR’, ‘polarized’ and ‘3 bet’. To brush up on your terms and poker skill to get the most out of these videos, the PokerNerve Road to Success Course teaches you to crush poker tournaments and achieve long-term poker success.

So now sit back and enjoy the action as Acesup goes on a roller-coaster before cashing for over $10,000 this session!