MTT Bankroll Building Case Study


Kelvin ‘Acesup’ Beattie had experience across multiple games, but elected to embark on a bankroll building challenge (turn $2K into $40K in 2 months) using MTTs as the poker bankroll building platform. Let’s take a look at some factors and see why this made a lot of sense from a bankroll building perspective.

  • Acesup has spent time playing MTTs in recent times and is confident in that game type. To play cash games and make the same sort of money would involve a learning curve, as time would need to be spent getting up to speed with the latest strategy in that game format.
  • A flexible daily schedule over a 2 month period really allows for a lot of time to be spent at the tables which is great for MTT play.
  • Acesup has been able to collect a significant amount of data on MTT players given the volume he’s put in playing multi-table tournaments. This is valuable information.
  • The size of the bankroll and the significant target ($40,000), makes MTTs a good choice since a roll will need to be built quickly and tournaments. although involving more variance, provide a good opportunity for a player to go on a good run and multiply their starting bankroll many times.

In a scenario where a player only has a regular but limited block of time, SNGs or cash games make more sense. This is common for players with full-time jobs who can only devote a couple of hours to playing at a time. They can quickly load up a bunch of SNGs or load up some cash game tables. The later being better if you need to finish your session at an exact time since SNGs are a little trickier to control the exact finish time, unless you are playing the hyper-turbo variation in which case games start and end extremely quickly.

 In reference to the 4 Key Factors  

1. Define Your Poker Bankroll and Games You Intend to Play – As defined above, Acesup was taking $2,000 and intended to quickly grow it. MTTs offer a variety of games across multiple sites, so there’s no limit to the games you can find to play with a $2K roll. The only limit is your ability to multi-table. In this instance, Acesup often reached as high as 20 tables at a time which allowed for serious game volume (see all the action with live commentary via this shared youtube channel). Furthermore the flexible schedule allowed Acesup to devote the necessary time it takes to grind MTTs and moreover hedge his playing times more towards when games were the most lucrative.

2. Learn and Continue to Grow – Acesup created the PokerNerve ‘Road to Success Course‘ which outlines the skills required to crush MTTs, so beating MTTs was elementary. He utilizes PT4 and a HUD to overlay the statistical information acquired over time on his opponents to help with optimal decision making. Furthermore, leading up to the challenge he did some passive study by watching some MTT videos, and also engaged in active learning by doing some review sessions of his play, keeping him focused on weaknesses in his game that he needed to work on.

40K Challange SS Graph

MTT graphs are rarely smooth over the short-term.

3. Accept Variance – Using statistical data to analyze the challenge, Acesup was aware that there was around a 1% chance he would bust his roll and around a 5% chance of not actually profiting at all. So there was always a possibility of falling short of the $40,000 target. But aiming high is a good way to increase work ethic and stay motivated. There were brief down-swings but it was treated as part of the variance in the game and Acesup has substantial playing history allowing him to stay aware of his edge over the fields he was up against, and hence maintain a positive frame of mind.

4. Stay on Your A-Game – We see glimpses of fatigue and exhaustion setting in but staying self aware, Acesup staggered his play with breaks and off-days. Moreover he tackled varying schedules to allow him to stay fresh, often times cutting back on tables to avoid decreased performance as well as mixing in easier games. Another key ingredient for MTT bankroll building.